Its meaning is clear from the word Panchakarma itself that these are five types of special deeds. They remove faults and faults from the body. Panchakarma therapy is a very important part of Ayurvedic medicine, because sometimes many types of Diseases keep on attacking again and again even after taking drugs.


For the prevention and elimination of these diseases, Eliminition Therapy, which is the method of modification, is called Panchakarma-therapy.

The actions that are performed before Panchakarma-therapy are called Purvaram, modification and revision therapy is done under the former work, in which lubrication and perspiration have special importance.

These five actions are as follows

  1. Emetic therapy
  2. Purgative therapy
  3. Inhalation therapy or Errhine
  4. A type of enema
  5. Another type of enema


Some scholars like Sushruta etc. have counted ‘blood letting therapy’ in Panchakarma in place of nerves. Before performing all these types of actions, it is necessary to see whether the patient is physically and mentally fit.


Otherwise there may be loss in place of profit. The preparations that are made before Panchakarma, the ‘Poorva Karma’ and whatever precautions and remedies and remedies are to be taken care of later, are called ‘Post Karma’. Special method (procedure) is used only after selecting special types of medicines according to the patient.


  •  Elimination is best for eradication of phlegm. .
  • Purgation is best for the removal of bile. –
  • Anima or Basti (both Anuvasana and Aasthana) is best for the dissolution of Vata.
  • Fomentation is best for bringing tenderness and tenderness in the body.


1.Emetic Therapy

The treatment in which the stomach is purified by using drugs that bring vomiting or vomit is called vomit karma. There is a law to use this medicine except in times of excess heat and excess cold.

Vomana Karma is useful for those people who are suffering from Kaphaj and Pitta diseases. Under these diseases, cough, breathing (asthma), cold, cough, fever, nausea, loss of appetite, indigestion, tonsils (anorexia), anemia, toxin effect, bleeding from lower body parts, leprosy and other dermatitis. (Itching, erysipelas etc.), knots and glands, swelling, nasal bone enlargement, urinary disease, duodenal disease, sleeplessness, growth of an organ in the body, epilepsy, mania, thin diarrhea, loss of ear, fat to grow This disease, evil catarrh (sinus and nose, ripening etc palate and lip.


2.Purgative Therapy

When the excreta in the intestines is removed from the anus If drugs are used, then this action is called desiccation. This is an important Kurgam karma. It is commonly used in the autumn, but if the disease is severe, it can be used in any season.

Generally purgation is used to bring purification in the body, in addition to curing outbreaks of bile, diseases caused by mangoes (half-digested or absolutely undigested food), severe skin diseases like afara and leprosy. Virechan-karma is also used.

Due to its use, strength in the senses, freshness in the intellect, increase in digestibility and stability in metals and physical strength like blood, juice etc.


3.Inhalation therapy or Errhine

In diseases of the head, eyes, ears, nose and throat, the medicine is taken by the nose. She is called Nasya or Shirovirechan.


Cough removes defects like phlegm from the head. For this, pungent effect oils or oils cooked with pungent juice or boiling oil are used.


Apart from this, juice or powder of medicines are also used. Nasal is used in diseases of kaphaj, appendage (nose, ear, throat and head) and in diseases such as headaches, larynx, pines, prathyaya, inflammation (epilepsy), leprosy (leprosy), leprosy, and leprosy.


4.A type of enema

The medicine in which the medicine is injected by sperm is called Basti-karma. The Basti-karma in which only a lot of affection substances are used along with ghee, oil etc., affectionate materials or decoction etc., is called ‘Anuvasan’ or ‘Lubrication Basti’.

Its use brings with it purification of leprosy as well as balsamic and local tenderness. Anushan-Basti brings strength to the body, increases strength, health and age and improves color.


5.Another type of enema

The Basti karma in which the decoction of milk, milk and oil is used for purification of the body, is called Niruha Basti, because this settlement is helpful in setting the vata etc. doshas and metals in the body in an equal position, so it It is also called a settlement colony. Gout disease, urticaria (vertigo of the air), gout (rheumatism), asymmetrical fever (malaria), abdominal disease, abdominal cavity, urinary stones, colic, hyperacidity, retardation, urinary obstruction, heart disease, dysuria , A person suffering from diseases such as blood pressure and constipation should be given a clean settlement.





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