14/10/19 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, the Almighty Authority Father has come to give you power. The more you stay in remembrance, the more power you will continue to receive.

Question: How is it that you children have the best parts of all in this drama?

Answer: Only you children belong to the unlimited Father. God becomes the Teacher and teaches you
alone and so you are fortunate, are you not? The Master of the World has come here as your
Guest. With your co-operation He benefits the world. You children called out to the Father and
He has come. This is the two hands clapping. You children now receive power from the Father to
rule the whole world.

Om shanti.

You sweetest spiritual children are sitting in front of the spiritual Father. You are also sitting in
front of the Teacher and you know that that Baba has also come here as the Guru to take you children back
home. The Father also says: O spiritual children, I have come to take you away from here. This world has
become old and you know that this world is dirty. You children too have become dirty. You used to say about
yourselves: O Purifier Baba, come and take us impure ones from this land of sorrow to the land of peace. You
are now sitting here and so this should enter your hearts. The Father also says: I have come at your call, at your
invitation. The Father reminds you that you truly did call out to Him, “Come!”, did you not? You now
remember that you had called out to Him. Baba has now come, according to the drama, exactly as He did in the
previous cycle. Those people make plans, whereas this is Shiv Baba’s plan. At this time, everyone has their
own plans. They make a five year plan that they will do this and that… Look at the plans they all come up
with. Previously, they never used to make plans, but now they make plans. You children know that this is our
Baba’s plan. According to the drama plan, I made this plan 5,000 years ago. You sweetest children have
become very unhappy here in the brothel, so I have now come to take you to the Temple of Shiva (Shivalaya).
That land of peace is the incorporeal land of Shiva (Shivalaya), and the land of happiness is the corporeal land
of Shiva (Shivalaya). So, the Father is refreshing you children at this time. You are sitting personally in front
of the Father. Your intellects have faith that Baba has come. The word “Baba” is very sweet. You also know
that you souls are children of that Father, and that you then belong to this Baba in order to play your parts. You
have been having physical Babas for so long. From the golden age onwards, you have played your parts of
happiness and sorrow. You now know that your parts of sorrow are coming to an end. You played your parts
of happiness for the full 21 births. Then, you also played your parts of sorrow for half the cycle. Baba has now
reminded you of this. So, Baba asks you: Was it truly like that? You now have to play your parts once again of
happiness for half the cycle. You souls become filled with this knowledge and you then become empty. The
Father then makes you full. Each of you has a rosary of victory around your neck; you have a rosary of
knowledge around your neck. We truly continue to go around the cycle. There are the golden, silver, copper
and iron ages, and then we come to this sweet confluence age. This is called sweet. The land of peace is not
sweet. The sweetest of all is the most auspicious, beneficial confluence age. You have the best parts of all in
the drama. You are so lucky that you belong to the unlimited Father. He comes and teaches you children. This
is such an elevated and easy study. You become so wealthy. You don’t need to make any effort in this.
Doctors and engineers make so much effort. You receive the inheritance. Children have a right to their father’s
income. You study this and earn a true income for 21 births. You won’t incur any loss there that you would
have to remember the Father. This is called the soundless chant. You know that Baba has come. The Father
too says: I have come. So, both hands would be clapping. The Father says: Remember Me and your sins of
birth after birth can be burnt away. Ravan, the five vices, has made you into sinful souls. Then, you also have
to become pure and charitable souls. It should enter your intellects: We will become pure by having
remembrance of the Father and we will then go back home with Him. We receive might through this study. It
is said of the deity religion: Religion is might. The Father is the Almighty Authority. Therefore, we receive
power from Baba to establish peace in the world. No one can snatch that sovereignty away from us. You
receive so much power. Look how the kings receive so much power in their hands. People have so much fear
of them. One king has so many subjects and armies, but that is temporary power. This is power for 21 births.
You know that we are now receiving power from the Almighty Authority Father to rule the world. There is that
love for Him. Even though deities are not in a practical form, people have so much love for them. When their subjects are personally in front of them, they have so much love for them. You are receiving all of this power
through the pilgrimage of remembrance. Do not forget these things.


By remembering the Father, you become
those with a lot of power. No one else can be called the Almighty Authority. Everyone receives power. At this
time, no one has that power; all are tamopradhan. At that time, all souls will have received power from the One
and they will then go down and play their own parts in their own kingdom. They will settle their own karmic
accounts and become powerful, numberwise. The number one power is that of the deities. Lakshmi and
Narayan were truly the masters of the whole world. You have the whole world cycle in your intellects. Just as
you souls have this knowledge in you, similarly, the soul of Baba also has all the knowledge. He is now giving
you knowledge. The part is recorded in the drama and it continues to repeat. That part will repeat after 5000
years. You children know this. When you rule in the golden age, the Father lives a retired life. When does He
come on to the stage again? When you become unhappy. You know that the whole record is recorded in Him.
The soul is so tiny and has so much understanding. The Father comes and gives you so much understanding.
Then, in the golden age, you will have forgotten all of this. You don’t have this knowledge in the golden age.
There, you continue to experience happiness. You understand at this time that you will be deities in the golden
age and will experience happiness. We are now Brahmins. We are once again becoming deities. Your
intellects have to imbibe this knowledge very well. There is happiness experienced in explaining to others. It is
as though you are donating life to them. It is said: “Death comes and takes everyone.” There is no such thing
as death. This is the predestined drama. The soul says: I shed a body and depart and then take another. Death
doesn’t eat me. The soul has feeling. When a soul is in a womb, he has visions and experiences sorrow.
Internally, the soul experiences punishment and that is why it is the called the jail of a womb. This is such a
wonderful predestined drama! Each soul experiences punishment in the jail of a womb as he has visions. Why
did he receive punishment? That soul would be given a vision: You did these wrong things and caused sorrow
for so-and-so. You have all those visions inside the womb and, in spite of that, when you come out, you
become sinful souls. How can all the sins be burnt away? It has been explained to you children that that
happens by your having the pilgrimage of remembrance. Your sins are also cut away by spinning the discus of
self-realisation. The Father says: Sweetest children, who are spinners of the discus of self-realisation, if you
spin this discus of 84 births, your sins of birth after birth will be cut away. You have to remember the cycle and
also remember the One who gave you this knowledge. Baba is making us into spinners of the discus of self-
realisation. He makes us that, but when new ones come every day, they too have to be refreshed. You have
received all the knowledge and you know that you have come here to play your parts. You have been around
the cycle of 84 births and you now have to return home. Do you continue to spin the discus in this way? The
Father knows that some children forget it a great deal. There isn’t any difficulty in spinning the discus and you
also have a lot of time. At the end, you will have the stage of being a spinner of the discus of self-realisation.
You have to become like them. Sannyasis cannot give these teachings. Even gurus themselves do not know
about the discus of self-realisation. They simply say: Let’s go to the Ganges. So many people bathe there.
Gurus earn a lot of income from the many people who bathe there. People go on pilgrimages repeatedly. Look
how much difference there is between those pilgrimages and this pilgrimage! This pilgrimage makes you finish
all of those pilgrimages. This pilgrimage is so easy! Also spin the discus. There is the song: We went around
in all four directions and yet remained distant from You. You remained distant from the unlimited Father. You
feel that. Those people do not understand the meaning of that. You now know that you have been going
around everywhere many times. You have now been liberated from all of that. You didn’t come any closer by
going around everywhere. Instead, you became even more distant. Now, according to the drama plan, the
Father Himself has to come to take everyone back with Him. The Father says: You have to follow My
directions and become pure. While seeing this world, you mustn’t see it. While a new home is being built and
being made ready, you still have to live in the old home. The Father comes at the confluence age to give you
your inheritance. An unlimited inheritance is received from the unlimited Father. Children know that their
father’s inheritance is theirs. They maintain the happiness of that. They earn their income and also receive
their father’s inheritance; you just receive the inheritance. There, you won’t know how you received your
inheritance of heaven. There, your life remains very happy because you receive might by remembering the
Father. Only the one Father is the Purifier who cuts your sins away. Only by your remembering the Father and spinning the discus of self-realisation are your sins cut away. You have to note this down very well. It is
enough to explain this. As you progress further, you won’t have to speak a lot. Just one signal will be enough:
Remember the unlimited Father and your sins will be cut away. You come here to become Narayan from an
ordinary man and Lakshmi from an ordinary woman. You remember that, do you not? These things do not
enter the intellect of anyone else. While you are coming here, your intellects are aware that you are going to
BapDada to claim the inheritance of the new world of heaven. The Father says: By becoming a spinner of the
discus of self-realisation, your sins will be absolved. Now, look at the One who is making your life like a
diamond. You understand this; there is no need to see anything. You understand this through divine vision. It
is the soul that studies through a body. You receive this knowledge at this time. Whatever actions we perform,
it is souls that perform those actions after taking bodies. Baba has to teach you. His name is always Shiva. The
names of the bodies change. This body is not Mine; it is this one’s property. The body is the property of the
soul through which he plays his part. This is something that can easily be understood. There is a soul in each
one, and each one’s body has a different name. That One is the Supreme Soul. He is the Highest on High. You
now understand that God is One, the Creator, and all the rest are the creation who play their parts. You know
how souls come. At first, there are very few souls of the original eternal deity religion. Then, at the end, they
become worthy to come first. This is like a rosary of the world cycle that continues to turn. When you turn a
rosary, all the beads are rotated in a circle. In the golden age, there isn’t the slightest devotion. The Father has
explained: O souls, constantly remember Me alone. You definitely have to return home. Destruction is just
ahead. Only by having remembrance will your sins be cut away and you will then be liberated from
experiencing punishment. You will also claim a good status. Otherwise, a lot of punishment will have to be
experienced. I am such a good Guest of you children. I change the whole world, I make the old world new.
You also know that Baba comes every cycle and makes the old world new. This world becomes old from new
and new from old. At this time, you continue to spin the discus. The Father speaks the knowledge that He has
in His intellect. It is also in your intellects how the cycle turns. You know that Baba has come. We are
becoming pure by following His shrimat. You will continue to become pure by having remembrance and you
will then claim a high status. It is necessary to inspire you to make effort. So many pictures etc. are made to
inspire you to make effort. You explain the cycle of 84 births to those who come here. By remembering the
Father you will become pure from impure. Achcha.


To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the
Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

1. Imbibe this knowledge very well in your intellect and donate life to many souls. Become a spinner
of the discus of self-realisation.

2. Together with earning your income at this sweet confluence age, also follow the Father’s shrimat
and claim your full inheritance. Make your life constantly happy.

Blessing: May you become a karma yogi by making the one Father the support for your intellect while
staying in the gathering and being loving to all.

Some children, instead of being loving in the gathering, become detached. They are afraid that
they may become trapped and so they feel it would be better to remain distant. However, this is
not so; you have to stay in the family for 21 births. So, if you remain detached out of fear, then
those are the sanskars of a karma sannyasi. You have to become a karma yogi and not a karma
sannyasi (renunciate). Stay in the gathering, be loving to all, but let the one Father and none other
be the Support for your intellect. Let the company of no other soul, no virtue or speciality attract
your intellect and you would then be said to be a pure karma yogi soul.

Slogan: Become BapDada’s right hand, not His left hand



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